Terms & Conditions

If the date of your wedding has been changed, I’m happy to reschedule at no extra charge.

If your event has been cancelled, I can offer you a credit note to use against any item online, including custom orders.

No refunds or returns on custom orders or preservation deposits.

Flower preservation and Ash preservation services are for UK customers only – a refund cannot be given if you have booked in error.

**If you decide not to go ahead with your order after paying your final invoice you will only receive a refund for 40% of your total order value back, this is excluding your deposit amount** 

Due to the handmade nature of my items, please be aware that there may be some ‘imperfections’ such as micro-bubbles, dust, uneven edging, or some small micro-cavities. Larger shapes will also have ‘layer lines’ due to being poured in multiple layers, this is unavoidable and these don’t detract from the overall piece, they are simply signatures of a handmade item.

All shapes are to be displayed forward-facing and may on occasion have an uneven back (or front) due to the flowers being too large for the moulds.
The sides of all shapes will not be as shiny as the fronts, this again is not classed as a defect and it’s purely a sign of a handmade item.

Flower preservation is perfectly imperfect, if you are looking for a perfect finish, flower preservation is not for you.

By ordering, you are accepting of these conditions and they are not classed as defective.

Kindly note that I do not offer design layouts as I prefer to work in my own artistic style while taking into consideration the type of flowers and size of the moulds chosen. As an artist, I have my own creative process and approach to designing your floral pieces. I will always reconfirm your order once your flowers have been received and suggest alternative options if required. If you have a particular flower or design in mind, please communicate this with me at the start of the process so I can see if I can accommodate this for you. If you would like mock-up designs, please note there is a fee of £25 per mock-up requested.

We use the highest quality casting resin which is UV stabilised and inhibits yellowing, however, if left in direct sunlight this can cause the resin to yellow/amber more quickly. To prolong the resin clarity it’s best to display your item out of direct sunlight or away from heat such as fireplace mantels to avoid this. The sun will always win this battle! Please be aware that ultimately all resin will show signs of degradation and amber over time (it will take on a new vintage style). We cannot take any responsibility for resin pieces that turn yellow/amber after a short period of time as there is no way to know how much UV light the items were exposed to while in the client’s possession and some flowers react differently in resin to others.

Resin is a two-part liquid that needs to be carefully mixed at the correct ratio and temperature. On rare occasions, resin can overheat which causes it to thicken too fast & overheat which means it’s not suitable for use. If the resin overheats whilst it’s in the mould with your flowers, there’s a risk of spoiling.

Please be rest assured that I am very experienced and do everything in my power to prevent this however, it can happen. In the unlikely event that this does occur, I will offer the best possible solution such as a partial/full refund, discount, or a replacement made at no extra cost. This will be dependent on the order and discussed on an individual basis.

Please note that letters F & P are not freestanding. The letter J is lowercase. Large letters are sized between 5 – 5.9 inches depending on the letter. Letters are to be displayed forward-facing and may on occasion have an uneven back (or front) due to the flowers being too large for the moulds. This is not classed as a defect, it’s simply a sign of a handmade product. The sides of the letters will not be as shiny as the fronts.

As of January 2024 – I will no longer be providing turnaround times.

Flower Preservation is a long and very delicate process with lots of moving parts, so please allow an anywhere from 6 to 12 months (potentially longer in busy periods) after your flowers have dried for your order to potentially be started. This does not mean your order will take that long and I will always do my best to send them sooner, however it is not always possible. Sometimes, due to circumstances beyond my control this time-frame could be extended several times. If we have discussed a possible turnaround time – this will always be an estimated timeframe.

It’s difficult to put a timescale on creating such beautiful pieces, I only get your flowers for a few months, but you will get to keep them forever.

Please do not panic when you see an order created where the wedding was after yours. This is simply because either your invoice has not been settled, I’m waiting for moulds to be free, or I’m being as efficient as possible and fitting as many orders on my table as I can.

A £40 deposit is required to secure your wedding date which is redeemable against your final order. 

Once your flowers have completed the drying process you will be sent pictures / tagged on social media posts along with your final invoice where you will be given 2 weeks to pay. If your invoice becomes overdue, after the 2 week timeframe you will receive two automated invoice reminders. I will follow up with a third reminder manually. The fourth communication will be a cancellation of your order, to let you know your flowers will be disposed of if payment has not been made.

I understand that circumstances can sometimes delay payments, but it is crucial for me to adhere to my terms and protect my businesses financial stability. The expenses involved in labour and sourcing the materials make it financially unviable for me to continue providing services without receiving compensation. 

Please expect an estimated 6-12 months (or more) before your order is potentially started. This will be from the date your flowers have been dried. This will of course be dependent on my workload at the time (please see TURNAROUND TIMES for more information). 

I will send your final invoice via email to the address provided at booking (so please ensure this is entered correctly) 

Payments can be made securely via bank transfer (bank details will be on your invoice) and note that work will not commence until full payment is received.

Shipping costs are calculated by the weight and value of the order and sent via a Royal Mail 24hr Tracked service. You will be sent tracking details directly from Royal Mail once your order is shipped so you can monitor the status of your delivery. The delivery time is approximately 2-3 business days (excl. Bank Holidays). I cannot open a case with Royal Mail until your item has been missing for more than 30-days and I am unable to offer a refund during this time. Please note that during busy periods such as the summer Wedding season & Christmas, your items may take considerably longer to arrive.

It is the clients responsibility to ensure that the flowers arrive to us in the best possible condition. Packing instructions will be provided & should be followed exactly for best results. I cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to your flowers whilst they are in transit via any Third Party.

Please also note:

*I do my best to use as many of your flowers as possible however please note that I may not use all of the flowers provided. I will use the best-preserved options only. I am unable to return any leftover flowers to you.

*If you have larger flowers and have chosen a small mould, I may need to deconstruct your flowers to fit inside the mould. Usually, I will discuss this with you when I receive your flowers to see if you would like an alternative option.

*Some flowers will show signs of bruising, this is something that is out of my control and will only be visible once placed in resin. This can happen at any point, from the florist handling them to them being held on your day to them being in transit.

*When you place your order, you are agreeing to the understanding that some flowers change colour and shape as they dry. Your flowers may darken or change tone and they tend to shrink a little due to the drying process. Light pinks & purples sometimes turn into each other shade (pink can turn lilac & vice versa for example). White will often turn a shade of cream/off-white. Some flowers dry a lot better than others, if your arrangement is all one type of flower or you have concerns over their suitability feel free to message me to discuss them. There is a possibility that the flowers may become dull over time if left in constant direct sunlight.

I will only dry what is required for the items specified plus a few more incase there are casualties in the drying process. I will do my best to discuss with you the amount of flowers to be sent to me before your big day.If I feel there will be a lot left over from your bouquet I will get in touch and be offered alternative shapes and a chance to add any items to your order. 

Any Flowers that are left over will be disposed of. 

A month before your special day you will receive an email with all the information you will require such as packing instructions along with the address to send your flowers too.

You will then receive updates at the below stages:

  • Flowers Received
  • Flowers Prepared
  • Orders Started
  • Order Complete

If you do not hear anything from me between the above stages it’s simply because I do not have an update for you and I’m busy creating orders. I wish I could contact everyone individually but that’s just not possible.

Please minimise how often you chase your order – this only causes additional stress and will only serve to reduce my productivity as time is spent returning communication, instead of creating your pieces.

Please note that you will be unable to change your order if I have already begun the resin process. If you would like to make any changes prior to this or add-on additional products please let me know ASAP this will however depend of the amount of flowers that I have. as stated i only dry the correct amount of flowers for your order plus a few extras incase of casualties in the drying process. 

If you would like to add any charms, photos, jewellery or any other items to your pieces please mention this in your booking form.
It is the customers responsibility to ensure these items are clearly packaged/labelled separately within the same box as your flowers as these can be easily missed. I am not responsible if the above steps are not followed and your inclusions are missed.

Please note that there is a minimum order value of £150 (excluding delivery)

All our jewellery is made from 925 Sterling Silver and is subject to availability.
White Gold & 9ct Yellow gold are available at a cost.
All of our products are handmade to order. Colours may vary. There may be some variations in design, or imperfections such as air bubbles, which occur naturally in resin. This is what makes your product unique & special. Every piece is one of a kind.

Orders are non-refundable. If there are any issues, please get in touch within 24 hours of receiving your product. We will not accept responsibility for poor fitting rings due to the wrong size being ordered.

Full care instructions are given with your pieces to ensure they are well looked after.

As with all steps in the preservation process, everything is made entirely by hand, so imperfections may occur and should be accepted as part of a handmade product. The process of including a photo involves mock-up design, print & lamination. The laminated photo may on occasion have a very small section which didn’t laminate 100%, which I am unable to identify until it’s placed in resin and a small amount of leakage appears in the form of a shadow. This is not classed as defection and is out of my control. However, I will do my absolute best to ensure this doesn’t happen. Please note that these imperfections do not qualify for any refund as they are inherent to the handmade production process.

If you are including a photo charm, the same rule above applies except, instead of lamination, a different type of resin is applied to the photo charm first which acts as a sealant before the main resin pour. As above, this may leak on occasion and cause the photo to appear darker in spots.

Clear/natural Diamanté charms or pins may be difficult to see in resin due to its clarity. Other metals tend to stay exactly the same once placed in resin. Ribbons will change to a darker colour (as if dipped in water).