Frequently asked Questions

For advance bookings I require a £30 deposit to secure your date. This is done as i can only accommodate a specific number of orders at once but this will be deducted from your final total. Once your flowers have been dried and i am ready to start the Resin process I will then require the remaining balance. Please note that work will not commence until the final instalment has been paid. 

Once I have received your flowers, I will begin the preservation process by carefully taking cuttings of your flowers and submerging them in silica for 7-10 days. Once this stage is complete, I will begin the resin process. 

Depending on my schedule and the size of your order, please allow 8-12 weeks, however this could take longer during busier periods. Please note that I will keep you updated every step of the way and if I can send them to you sooner I will, however it is not always possible. If you need them by a specific date, please make me aware at the start of the process so I can work out if I can accommodate this for you. 

Yes! If you have a special flower that is already dry it can still be preserved. Please make a note at the time of booking if this is the case so we can discuss size & shape options. 

Drying and preserving may change the colours slightly. This colour change is completely normal and is a side effect to drying. Light coloured flowers, such as light pinks & white tend to discolour & bruise the most during the preservation process. Bright shades keep their colour very well, i.e bright pink, purple, orange, yellow & green. 

Red roses often turn a dark shade of burgundy.

 You will be required to cover the cost of postage of your flowers to me, but return UK delivery is included for orders up to £50. For orders over £50, postage will be charged. The cost is dependent on the weight of your order but is usually £8 – £12. I will let you know how much once the order is complete. I will send your order via a next-day delivery service with Royal Mail.

For best results, please post your flowers within 2 days of your wedding date

1. Before posting, cut the stems at an angle (doesn’t matter how short) and give them a drink of fresh water for a few hours.

2. Dampen some kitchen roll and wrap this around a few of the stems (around 5-6 stems together are OK depending on the size of the flower heads, you don’t want them to be squashed together))

3. Once the kitchen roll is wrapped around the cut stems, tightly cover with kitchen foil. This is to keep the damp kitchen roll in place.

4. Using a sturdy box, place a layer of dry kitchen roll at the bottom and stand your flowers in an upright position, filling any space with dry kitchen roll so that they do not move around in transit. It’s important to include dry kitchen roll to absorb any extra liquid as if they are wet, they may rot and I will be unable to carry out the drying process.

● Please DO NOT wrap your flowers in any plastic packaging
● Please leave your name, contact number and Instagram handle inside the box. Instagram is not essential but I like to tag my customers in their process photos!

Flowers need to be posted via 24 hour / next day before 9am delivery to ensure I receive them first thing to start the drying process as quickly as possible

Depending on the size of your order, I usually need around 3-4 large handfuls of your favourite stems. This can be discussed in more detail before ordering

Deposits and custom orders are non-refundable. If the date of your event has been changed, I’m happy to reschedule at no extra charge. If your event has been cancelled, I can offer a credit note to use against any item online, including custom orders. If you have sent me your flowers, but then change your mind, I am unable to return the flowers back to you. 

Please note that letters F & P are not freestanding. The letter J is lowercase. Some letters will also require a silicone dot to aid them & these will be provided in your order.