Frequently asked Questions

To book, please reserve your date online and select your actual wedding date.

You will be required to fill out a short booking form, read T&C’s and secure your place with a deposit which will be deducted from your final order. 

Please see my “The Process” page which goes into more detail regarding this. 

If you have any questions please do email me and I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

We use the highest quality casting resin which is UV stabilised and inhibits yellowing, however, if left in direct sunlight this can cause the resin to yellow/amber more quickly. To prolong the resin clarity it’s best to display your item out of direct sunlight or away from heat such as fireplace mantels to avoid this. The sun will always win this battle! Please be aware that ultimately all resin will show signs of degradation and amber over time (it will take on a new vintage style). We cannot take any responsibility for resin pieces that turn yellow/amber after a short period of time as there is no way to know how much UV exposure the items were exposed to while in the client’s possession.

Flower Preservation is a long and very delicate process with lots of moving parts so please allow up to 6-12 months (sometimes longer in busy periods) from the day I receive your flowers. This does not mean your order will take that long and I will always do my best to send them sooner, however it is not always possible. Sometimes, due to circumstances beyond my control this time-frame could be extended several times. All timescales given are an estimate.

It’s difficult to put a timescale on creating such beautiful pieces, I only get your flowers for a few months, but you will get to keep them forever.


Due to the above, I cannot guarantee delivery of items for specific given dates (Christmas, Birthdays etc). Please remember I am only one person with no team behind me, running all aspects of the business and sometimes things can take longer than expected.

Unfortunately I do not at this time. I require a deposit to secure your date and the remainder is required after the drying process has be completed. Your deposit will be deducted from your order total. Please note that work will not commence until your final invoice has been paid. 

Please note there is a minimum spend of £150

If properly cared for, your preserved flowers should last a lifetime! When you receive your finished order, I include a card with care instructions.

Full instructions will be sent along with all postal details 4 weeks before your special day. 

Yes! If you have flowers that are already dry they can still be preserved. Please send me over an email with pictures if you have them so we can discuss the best size & shape options for them.

Drying & preserving may change the colours slightly depending on the shade & flower type.  This colour change is completely normal and is a side effect of drying. I use high-quality silica sand during the drying process which retains the shape & vibrancy of your flowers. Common changes can include:

  • Light pink changes to a soft shade of lilac. This happens the most with Faith Roses & Love Lace
  • Dark Pink changes to a shade of purple
  • Red roses change into deep shade of burgundy – they’re very dark once placed in resin so best to be balanced out with other colours if possible.
  • White flowers are delicate and often change to an off-white/cream colour

Some flowers dry a lot better than others, if your arrangement is all one type of flower or you have concerns over their suitability feel free to message me to discuss them. There is a possibility that the flowers may become dull over time if left in constant direct sunlight.

Please note that letters F & P are not freestanding. The letter J is lowercase. Some letters will also require a silicone dot to aid them & these will be provided in your order. 

Yes! You have up until me receiving your flowers to change you mind as much as you like.

If I have already carried out the drying process & your invoice has been sent, I cannot remove items from your order. If you would like additional items, I will need to check if there are enough flowers for your additions and will add them to your final invoice.

In most cases No!

I will only dry what is required for the items specified plus a few more incase there are casualties in the drying process. I will do my best to discuss with you the amount of flowers to be sent to me before your big day.

If I feel there will be a lot left over from your bouquet I will get in touch and be offered alternative shapes and a chance to add any items to your order. 

Any Flowers that are left over will be disposed of.